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Polylogue III – Improving the quality and reach of arts and cultural education in Europe will be held at Wildbad Kreuth, a former spa 65 kilometres south of Munich, close to lake Tegernsee in the mountains of the Bavarian Alps.


All costs for accommodation during the New Alliances for Europe – Polylogue III on Arts Education at Wildbad Kreuth are already covered. More information can be found under "Accommodation".

Official language

The official language of this conference is English. Interpretation will not be provided.

Bus transportation

Bus transfers will be organised as followed:

  • 17 May 2015, 4:00 pm >> Departure Munich Main Station (pick up point: northern side of Munich Main station, "Arnulfstraße"), arrival at Wildbad Kreuth around 5:30 pm
  • 20 May 2015, 2:00 pm >> Departure Wildbad Kreuth, arrival at Munich Main Station around 3:30 pm and at Munich Airport around 4:00 pm.

There will be an additional service to Munich (main station and airport) for representatives of European foundations who need to leave on 19 May 2015 due to the EFC Annual General Assembly and Conference in Milan (Departure Wildbad Kreuth: 2 pm; Arrival Munich Main Station: around 3:30 pm; Arrival Munich Airport: 4:30 pm the latest).

Participants arriving later than the official beginning of the conference or leaving before the end have to arrange their transportation to and from Wildbad Kreuth on their own! For further details please have a look at "Travel information".

Social Programme

Photo: Gerhard Richter

>> Matthias Schriefl's Multiorchester
Music on Tuesday, 19 May

The new Matthias Schriefl multi-orchestra is made up of fourteen musicians who play a wide range of instruments. The band plays new compositions by Schriefl which are close to Alpine and Alemannic folk music, whilst at the same time incorporating elements of modern classical music. The compositions come alive through a wide variety of sounds which somehow manage to meld a symphony orchestra together with a big band.
It's going to be tight on stage - the instruments themselves would suffice for a whole orchestra: timpani, two drum sets, a great range of brass, woodwind and string instruments, guitars, keyboards and a piano. As many of the musicians are multi-instrumentalists, the compositions can be interpreted differently: one might feature four tubas, whereas another is played by a woodwind quintet or three strings. On top of that, all of the band members are great soloists who love to play their hearts out so you can expect some stunning solo numbers as well. And finally let's not forget that in addition to a female singer there is also a male choir on stage!

Members of the band: Matthias Schriefl, Johannes Bär, Christoph Moschberger, Johannes Lauer, Felix Fromm, Michl Engl, Peter Heidl, Florian Trübsbach, Gregor Bürger, Simon Rummel, Sebastain Merk, Alex Morsey, Bodek Janke, Tamara Lukasheva

Time and weather

Germany's time zone in summer is GMT + 2 hours. In May is spring time in Germany and we expect beautiful spring weather with temperatures between 10 and 20 °C during the day.

The Conference Centre is situated in the mountains of the Bavarian Alps, the altitude is 800 m. If you want to go for a walk during the breaks of the Polylogue III on Arts Education please bring a pair of solid shoes with you.

You can have a look at a webcam at Kreuth here: http://www.bayernwebcam.de/webcams/tegernseertal/kreuth/kreuth.html

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/// NEW ALLIANCES FOR EUROPE – Polylogue III on Arts Education

17 – 20 May 2015, Kreuth, Germany

The conference will be held at Wildbad Kreuth, a former spa 65 kilometres south of Munich, close to lake Tegernsee in the mountains of the Bavarian Alps.


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